Do you have a baby cot?

We can provide a baby cot however it is important to let us know before arrival. Please send us an email to both [email protected] and [email protected]

Can I drive to you by night?​

To arrive at the lodge for the first time we ask you to come in daylight. If for some reason this is not possible, please inform us well before time. There is little cellular signal in the area so it’s easy to get lost on these dirt roads. We do not accept guests that arrive after Sunset to check-in. Once you have driven the route once it is fine to drive by night to go out for dinner etc.

Can we drink the water from the tap?

Unfortunately, Portugal has been facing a drought and our fresh water well could not fill up, so we ask you to bring your own drinking water. The water from the tap is not drinkable. Sorry and thank you for understanding.

Is there any food catered for at the Lodge?​

All our accommodation is self-catering. We advise you to do shopping prior to arrival, the supermarket is a 10min. drive to Aljezur town. You have a fully equipped kitchen and a gas-bbq at your accommodation.

Can we drop off our luggage in advance?

We can provide a baby cot however it is important to let us know before arrival. Please send us an email to both [email protected] and [email protected]

Can we use the sauna?

Yes, you can use the sauna free of charge. Please do let us know that you will be using it so that we are aware as it is a wood fired sauna. For this reason, there is a possibility that the sauna can’t be used in peak summer if we get a notification from the government regarding possible fire hazards.

Can we use the Ice Bath?

There is a permanent Ice bath at the Sauna area. If you are familiar with Cold Exposure, you are welcome to use it. (Please shower before usage). If cold exposure is new to you, please join one of the Wim Hof Method workshops at the Lodge or book a private session with Alex, see our website for dates and more info or mail [email protected]

Are we able to visit the horses?

You are always welcome to see the horses. However, don’t go into the paddock. Please don’t feed the horses any bread. Carrots are always welcome 😉

Can I bring my pet?

It is not possible to bring your pets to our homestead. We have pets ourselves and chickens that roam free. We therefore ask you friendly to find a pet sitter for your four-legged friends.

Can we use the tipi?

The tipi is the private workspace of Helena where she gives healing sessions. It is therefore not accessible for our guests unless you have booked a session. For more information about what Helena offers you can have a look on our website under healing sessions and retreats..

Do you offer yoga mats and do you have a place to practice?

Yes, we offer yoga mats. Besides the surroundings of your accommodation, we have two wooden decks. The first deck is to be found at the sauna which is always accessible. The second deck is to be found in our workshop area and overlooks the valley. This deck is accessible unless there is a sign that a private session is in progress. We then kindly ask you to use the deck at the sauna.

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