Healing on the land

Body, mind,

Helena aka, Leigh Esserda, is the landkeeper of Imkalah, which is the original name of the sacred land on which The Lemon Lodge is build and translates as land of “Being Pure”. She acts as a channeller between realms we cannot always understand to purify our being or bring us higher into our potential. She works with many guides and therefore offers a large range of healing. Each session is unique as it is specific to your unique soul quest.
If you are interested in crystals or the type of healings that can be offered please feel free to inquire. Rates for 1:1 session *The maximum duration of a session is 1,5 hour.
  • Intake €50 (not always required)
  • Session €100 per hour
  • Distant healing €100 fixed
  • Online healing €100 per hour

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