Wim Hof Method

WHM Fundamentals

Discover the benefits of cold exposure, breathing techniques and the power of the mind.
During this workshop you will find out how you can utilise oxygen and cold exposure to optimise your body & mind and boost your immune system. The workshop is hosted by Alex Vliege, a qualified Wim Hof Method instructor and Co-founder of the Lemon Lodge


Wellbeing is a state of mind, body and spirit. At The Lemon Lodge we therefore occasionally offer workshops to enhance the three. Have a look at the dates below to see if there might be something happening during your stay. 

However, feel free to enquire for any workshops if you come as a group or for private sessions;

– Helena offers private yoga sessions which costs EU50,- per hour or EU70,- for 1,5hrs

– Alex offers customised Wim Hof sessions (breath work and/or icebath) for EU150,- per hour if you are alone or EU200,- for two or more people.

Planned Workshops

  • 05-06-2022   Wim Hof Fundamentals €100. Click here for more info


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